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Water Testing In The Field Just Got Quicker & Easier

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Colour coding parameter bottles makes testing on-site even easier. Differentiating the parameters via select coloured bottle caps and associated labels enables engineers to quickly choose the correct bottle for their test without having to remove multiple bottles from the case.

Designed to make life even easier for the busy Technical Representative, the reagent label has a colour band at the top of the label so the name of the reagent is visible and can be read when the bottle is in the upright position in the engineer’s test kits.

Colour Coded Reagents Data Sheet
Titration cartridge 1 Titration cartridge 2 Titration cartridge 3

Colour coding is also being extended to the applicable titration cartridges.

  • Easy coordination and selection of parameter
  • Visible labelling without removal of bottles from kit
  • Reduced time for individual tests
  • Implemented for most popular parameters in bottles
  • Implemented for most popular parameters in titration cartridges
Titration cartridge 4

From the ‘launch date’, ALL of the listed products will be delivered in colour coded format.

Colour Coded Reagents Data Sheet