Water Testing Good Practice

Testing starts with the sample – from where do we take it?

  • The main body of water (i.e. pool or hot tub)
  • Ideally mid-way between in / outlets
  • Between 100 – 300mm below the surface


How do we take it?

  • Clean plastic container (never take glass to a hot tub or pool)
  • Rinse the container several times
  • Make sure you have enough water
  • Carry out tests straight away


Remember only measuring small quantities

  • Equivalent to 1cm on the height of Everest
  • Wash and dry hands before commencing (sweat can contaminate the sample)
  • Use clean dry equipment
  • Make sure you have sufficient sample
  • Use suitable location


Carrying Out the Test

  • Wash and dry hands
  • Use clean dry sample tubes or pool block
  • Rinse containers several times
  • Do not handle the tablets
  • Crush tablet using clean dry rod
  • Allow time if appropriate


After Testing

  • Empty and clean all the vials
  • Dry all equipment
  • Return all tablets to boxes
  • Return equipment to box

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