• Compact & portable design.
  • Ideal for mobile treatment engineers.
  • Key treatment parameters included;
    • Conductivity/TDS,
    • pH (0 to 14),
    • Alkalinity M (0 to 2400 mg/l),
    • Bromine (0 to 5 mg/l),
    • Chloride (0 to 3000 mg/l),
    • Hardness Calcium & Total (0 to 1200 mg/l),
    • Hardness Stop/Go (0 to 4 mg/l),
    • Iron LR (0 to 1 mg/l) & HR (0 to 10 mg/l),
    • Molybdate VHR (0 to 500 mg/l),
    • Nitrite HR (0 to 2000 mg/l),
    • Phosphonate (0 to 20 mg/l).

Note: Range is dependant on measuring instrument used.


The DTK comprehensive Cooling (Open & Closed) Test Kit for Cooling Towers & Heating/Chilled water systems has been developed specifically for engineers and treatment professionals responsible for the maintaining and management of water systems. This test kit has been designed to include the key parameters which enable the optimum operating conditions in these water systems.

The kit provides accuracy and speed, utilising drop test and comparator reagents together with electronic meters for the most efficient monitoring of water samples. The reagents and equipment are specified below.

The CWTK002 is supplied in a robust carry case with reagents and instruments secured by a high quality chemical resistant foam insert with sufficient chemical reagents to carry out between 100 and 200 tests.


Cooling water systems and Closed water systems require careful monitoring to ensure that the correct water conditions are maintained within an approved treatment programme.

Our comprehensive cooling and closed system test kit has been designed specifically for water treatment professionals involved in the maintenance and management of cooling and closed systems to ensure optimium operating conditions are maintained.

Any failure to maintain the correct levels and dosing of the chemical treatments can lead to:

  • Corrosion of the system (leaks).
  • Formation of scale (blocked pipes).
  • Increased biological activity.


These can lead to unstable water conditions with potential negative consequences to the life of the plant and operating costs.

Contents Range Displayed As Code
TEKNO 2019 Maxi Case with Foams EDT027
Waterproof Instructions EDT084
20 ml Leur Lock EDT075
10 ml Leur Lock EDT073
Syringe Filter Holder – Luer Lock 25 mm EDT044
GF/C Filter Papers 25 mm (50 pk) EDT048
2 x 65 ml Plastic Test Bottle EDT018
CHECKIT® Comparator EDT085
2 x 10 ml Square Plastic Cells EDT006
5/10 ml Tube c/w Screw Top EDT015
pH1 – pH/Temperature Meter
0 to 14
EC1 – Conductivity/TDS/Temperature Meter
0 to 20.00
Alkalinity M (Drop Test)
5 to 2400
mg/l CaCO3
TA4 (65 ml) SDT004
PA2/TA2 (65 ml) SDT005
TA3 (65 ml) SDT006
Bromine (Comparator)
0 to 5
mg/l Br2
CHECKIT® Bromine Comparator Disc 146280
DPD No 1 Solution A (30 ml) SDT505-30
DPD No 1 Solution B (30 ml) SDT506-30
DPD Nitrite Powder (20 g) SDT295
Chloride (Drop Test)
0 to 3000
mg/l Cl
BC1/CC1 (65 ml) SDT023
BC2 (65 ml) SDT026
CC2 (65 ml) SDT024
Hardness, Total (Drop Test)
5 to 1200
mg/l CaCO3
TH2 (65 ml) SDT046
H/TH4/CH3 (65 ml) SDT049
TH5 (65 ml) SDT047
TH3 (65 ml) SDT044
Hardness, Calcium (Drop Test)
5 to 1200
mg/l CaCO3
CH2 (65 ml) SDT043
CH1P (20 g) (also requires TH3 & H/TH4/CH3) SDT050
Hardness, Stop/Go (Drop Test)
Hardness Stop/Go Solution (65 ml) SDT129
Iron LR (Comparator)
0.05 to 1
mg/l Fe
CHECKIT® Iron LR Disc 146220
FE5 (65 ml) See below note* SDT110
Iron HR (Comparator)
0.05 to 10
mg/l Fe
CHECKIT® Iron HR Disc 146320
FE10 (65 ml) See below note* SDT247
Molybdate VHR (Comparator)
0 to 500
mg/l MoO4
Molybdate VHR Disk 146295
Molybdate HR (65 ml) SDT127
Nitrite (Drop Test) 10 to 2000 mg/l NaNO2
N1 (65 ml) SDT072
N2 (65 ml) SDT073
Phosphonate (Drop Test) 0 to 20 mg/l
P1/4L (65 ml) SDT514-65
P5 (65 ml) SDT075
Calibration Solutions for EC1 & pH1 Meter
Conductivity Standard 1413 µS (65 ml) SDT109-65
pH 4 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT119-65
pH 7 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT118-65
pH 10 Buffer Solution (65 ml) SDT161-65

*For true soluble and total iron determination, Sulphuric Acid 50% and 0.45 µm Filter Papers are required and can be ordered separately.

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