BD600 – Biological Oxygen Demand Manometer

    • Manometric analysis of BOD for accurate, direct display of measurements
    • On-Screen display of graph.
    • Direct sample selection
    • Measuring range 0 to 4000 mg/l
    • Selectable measuring period: 1 to 28 days
    • Inductive stiring system
    • Mercury free, environmentally friendly
    • Remove control functionality
    • BD600: complete unit with 6 heads and control unit
    • BD606: 2 x complete BD600 each with 6 heads and control unit


BOD – Biological Oxygen Demand – is an expression for the quantity of oxygen required for biological degradation of organic mater in a waste water sample. BOD measurement is therefore used as a basis for the detection of biologically degradable organic matter in water. The difference between BOD and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is that COD additionally registers biologically non-degradable organic mater

BOD measurement is therefore an important measurement of the effects of domestic and industrial waste water on sewage plants and outflow points.

The unit is easy to use and set up using crolloing menus on the LCD display. Results can be monitored throughout the incubation period to ensure accurate analysis. With a selectable automatic start function, variations in sample temperature prior to testing can be eliminated, as the unit will begin the analysis period only when temperature is constant. Such variations would normally cause errors during manometric measurement.

An inductive stirring unit is also supplied to provide constant mixing of the sample over the analysis period.

The Lovibond® BD600 series is a manometric, respirometeric BOD measurement system. Manometric respirometers relate oxygen update to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Thanks to the modern integral pressure sensors, it is no longer necessary to use mercury for pressure measurements.

The unit is a 6 sample system that allows precise measurements of BOD from 1 to 28 days. Data is stored in the individual sensor heads, so it is possible to remove and re-position the bottles without losing vital data. By using different volumes of sample, the BD600 is capable of measuring from 0 to 4000 mg/l without the need to dilute the sample. Overflow measuring flasks are supplied with the unit, and a full range of flasks are available. BOD CM tablets, which can be used to verify the validity of results. can also be supplied.

BOD Range Sample Volume
0 to 40 mg/l 428 ml
0 to 80 mg/l 360 ml
0 to 200 mg/l 244 ml
0 to 400 mg/l 157 ml
0 to 800 mg/l 94 ml
0 to 2000 mg/l 56 ml
0 to 4000 mg/l 21.7 ml
Day Display
1 Day 150 mg/l
2 Day 220 mg/l
3 Day 240 mg/l
4 Day 250 mg/l
5 Day 260 mg/l
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