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An overview of the app functions

  • Creation of any number of users, customers, or measuring locations.
  • Integrated data management.
  • Sorting and representation of measurements according to sampling locations, customers, parameters, etc.
  • Linking of customers with measuring locations.
  • Individually adaptable minimum and maximum values of a measuring method
  • Readout of measurements at precise times in figures or graphics
  • Graphic evaluations over various time periods
  • Sending of results via email

New data processing possibilities for Lovibond® photometer systems

The AquaLX® app is the ideal supplement to Lovibond photometers. With the Bluetooth® interface, measuring results for quick evaluation and processing can be transmitted to smart phones or tablets, so all data can be evaluated and allocated directly on site. The app displays all measurements in a clear graph with minimum and maximum thresholds and supports data export as an Excel®-compatible CSV file.


System Requirements:

  • Lovibond® MD 610 or PM 630 photometer.
  • Bluetooth®-capable smart phone or tablet.
  • Android™ version 4.3 or later
  • iOS® 7 or later

Information for Bluetooth®

Bluetooth ® is a wireless technology subject to regional approval. The use of Bluetooth® is currently only permitted in limited regions.


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Key Features

    • Waterproof (as defined in IP 68, 1 hour at 0.1m).
    • Automatic Switch-Off.
    • Real-Time-Clock and Date.
    • Calibration Mode.
    • Backlit Display.
    • Storage Function.
    • Suitable for use as a testing instrument.


The MD100 uses high quality interference filters with long-life LEDs as a light source without any moving parts in a transparency sample chamber. The units supply accurate, reproducible results very quickly. Other major advantages include ease of operation, ergonomic design, compact dimensions
and safe handling.
The calibration and software-based adjustment options mean that the MD100 is also suitable for use as a testing instrument.



The MD100 Photometer is used in a wide range of water testing applications including Industrial water treatment, Boiler, cooling and closed system analysis, Process water, Pre-treatment plant, Effluent water, Science & research, Laboratories and Mobile applications.

Available Methods

There are mutliple MD100’s available with a wide range of parameters available. For information on the MD100 Cooling Water please see here. For information on the MD100 Boiler Water please see here

IRIM Infra-Red Data Transmission Module

The IRIM (Infra-red data transmission module) uses modern infra-red technology to transmit data from the MD100 to one of 3 optional interfaces. This allows the MD100 to be connected to a computer or printer. For more information on the IRIM click here.

For enquiries please email:

N.I.S.T Tracability

The instrument has a factory calibration, which is related to international standards which are not N.I.S.T traceable. The instrument may be calibrated by the user in a “user calibration mode” with N.I.S.T traceable standards. (N.I.S.T – National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Further Information

For further information on the MD100 photometer including available parameters, you may wish to look at our sales literature which can be downloaded here.

Technical Specification

Backlit LCD (on keypress)
Infra-red interface for test data transfer*
LED’s, interference filters (IF) and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber.
Wavelength range:
430 nm IF Δλ = 5 nm
530 nm IF Δλ = 5 nm
560 nm IF Δλ = 5 nm
580 nm IF Δλ = 5 nm
610 nm IF Δλ = 6 nm
660 nm IF Δλ = 5 nm
IF = interference filter
Wavelength Accuracy:
± 1 nm
Photometric Accuracy*:
3% FS (T = 20°C – 25°C)
Photometric Resolution:
0.01 A
Acid and solvent resistant, touch-sensitive keypad with audible feedback via integrated beeper
Power supply:
4 AAA batteries
Operation time:
approx 17 hours continuous or 5000 tests
Approx 20 minutes after last key press with audible signal
Approx 155 x 75 x 35 mm (unit)
Weight (unit):
Approx 260 g
Ambient conditions:
5 – 40°C at max.
30 – 90% rel. humidity
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian; additional languages available via internet download
Up to 16 data sets

*IRIM infra-red interface module required for data transmission
**Tested with standard solutions

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