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Hot Tub Owners

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Hot Tub Owners – Use the Correct Kit and Improve Your Water Testing

Often when it comes to testing our water we think ‘what a chore this is’ and how quickly we can ‘get it done’ but is this really good practice. Poor water quality can lead to potential problems and danger but if you don’t test your water properly how can you treat it correctly?

To test the water correctly especially the key parameters of chlorine and pH you should really be using a tablet reagents system based on the same chemistries as used by the professionals. Tablet based kits have advantages over other alternatives:

And testing couldn’t be easier

  1. Rinse the block several times with pool water
  1. Fill with water
  1. Add 1 x DPD No1 Tablet to Chlorine side
  1. Add 1 x Phenol Red Tablet to the pH side
  1. Replace lid
  1. Shake to dissolve tablets
  1. Compare the clear colour steps for readings

Bromine can also be measured by using chlorine scales and x by 2.2

Think about testing – you have to agree safety and accuracy is more important than speed. Order one of our pool block kits today and start testing correctly.

Keep Testing – Keep Control – Keep Safe

Water Testing Overview

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Why do we test water?

In a pool or hot tub the most important item is the water. Without this you have a hole in the ground or an empty container. To make sure everything is perfect the water must be tested regularly. Why are we testing?

For the

What should we be testing for?

There are many things you can test for in the water with the most important being the sanitiser (usually chlorine or bromine) and pH. These should always be tested together and correct levels are essential to ensure the safety of the users. The main water tests are:

Disinfectant – Chlorine / Bromine
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
Cyanuric Acid

But remember the first two are essential. The other tests are desirable but sometimes too much information can cloud the issue. There are many test strips that will give you all the above in one test. If you are not sure these readings are correct or don’t understand what they mean it can lead to problems. Make sure what you are testing is relevant, make sure you understand the readings and make sure they are correct


Keep Testing Keep Control Keep Safe

Water Testing Good Practice

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Testing starts with the sample – from where do we take it?


How do we take it?


Remember only measuring small quantities


Carrying Out the Test


After Testing

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